Wireless 802.11 Expert Witness Services - IEEE 802.11 / Wi-Fi / Wireless LAN


Jim Geier "I offer expert witness services regarding 802.11 / Wi-Fi technologies for patent litigation cases involving infringement / noninfringement analysis and invalidity / validity analysis based on my 30 years experience as an engineer in the communications industry"


Jim Geier - Principal Consultant and Founder - Wireless-Nets, Ltd.

Applicable Experience

Jim Geier is author of over a dozen books, including Designing and Deploying 802.11n Wireless Networks (Cisco Press), and has significant experience designing, implementing and analyzing 802.11 wireless / Wi-Fi networks. Jim has designed and integrated 802.11 functionality into mobile products and implemented 802.11 / Wi-Fi systems for many venues, such as hospitals, airports, and warehouses.

Jim has provided infringement / noninfringement and validity / invalidity analysis, reviewed product code, written expert reports, been deposed, and testified in court as expert during numerous patent litigation cases.

To download Jim Geier's full resume / CV (including litigation experience), click here (pdf). 

Related Services

Jim Geier has provided the following services dealing with patent litigation:

  • Prior art research and analysis
  • Patent invalidity analysis
  • Non-infringement analysis
  • Patent claims interpretation and analysis / claim construction
  • Product software and firmware review and analysis
  • Expert report development
  • Testimony in depositions and court

Other Technology Areas

Jim Geier also has vast experience as an engineer focusing on the following technologies and standards: