Management Consulting Services

Wireless-Nets offers a variety of management consulting services to organizations planning to deploy applications and systems that make use of network infrastructure.

Needs Determination 

  • Definition of needs for applications and systems that will improve the efficiency of an organization.

Product / System Assessment 

  • Comparison and recommendations of commercial products and systems that satisfy needs.

Cost Assessment 

  • Definition of costs involved with satisfying needs with recommended products and systems.

RFP Development 

  • Development of a request for proposal (RFP) that is needed to solicit bids for the deployment of the wireless network. 

Bid Assessment

  • Development of objective assessment criteria, grading of bids based on criteria, and recommendations of bidders to select. 

Project Management 

  • Management of all portions of the deployment of applications and systems, including planning, requirements definition, design, installation, testing, and operational support.