Expert Witness Services

Jim Geier "I offer expert witness services for patent litigation cases involving infringement and invalidity analysis based on my 30 years experience as an engineer in the communications industry."


Jim Geier - Principal Consultant and Founder - Wireless-Nets, Ltd.


Applicable Experience

Jim Geier has been an engineer and consultant in the communications industry for 30 years designing wireless and wired networks, creating application software and databases, developing mobile user devices and participating in standards development. Jim has written over a dozen books on these topics and has solid credentials and references in the industry.

Jim has written expert reports, been deposed, and testified in court as an expert during numerous patent litigation cases involving Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, security, encryption, authentication, WPA, fragmentation, transmit power control, network addressing, quality of service (QoS), spread spectrum, frequency hopping, multi-modal radios, OFDM, application data synchronization, sensor networks, and location technologies.

To download Jim Geier's full resume / CV (including litigation experience), click here (pdf).

Related Services

Jim Geier has provided the following services dealing with patent litigation:

  • Prior art research and analysis
  • Patent invalidity analysis
  • Non-infringement analysis
  • Patent claims interpretation and analysis / claim construction
  • Product software and firmware review and analysis
  • Expert report development
  • Testimony in depositions and court

Technology Areas

Jim Geier has vast experience as an engineer focusing on the following technologies and standards:

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