Product Development Services

Wireless-Nets offers essential services to product engineering firms developing mobile devices, systems and networks that make use of wireless technologies. 

Industry Analysis 

  • Reports covering the trends and major players in the wireless industry that impact the development of wireless products.

Requirements Analysis 

  • Definition of requirements that provide the basis for the design and implementation of products that utilize wireless connectivity. 

Design Specifications 

  • Development of product design specifications that describe the architecture, components, and tools necessary to realize mobile devices and integration of wireless connectivity / interfaces into products. 

Technical Analysis 

  • Analysis of specific wireless-related problems, such as battery / power management, handoffs / roaming, performance, secuity, RF interference, and signal coverage - including recommendations on how to design products to avoid these issues. 


  • Development of software and hardware prototypes as the basis for feasibility analysis and testing of wireless products. 

Embedded Software Development 

  • Implementation of embedded software / firmware and drivers necessary for interfacing applications with wireless interfaces / radios.  

Product Testing 

  • Laboratory and field testing of wireless prototypes and products as the basis for verfiying performance and security.

Deployment Preparation 

  • Development of guidelines and procedures for implementing wireless network infrastructures that support specific wireles products.  

White Paper Development 

  • Development of white papers on wireless topics / technologies that enhances the marketing of specific wireless products and systems. 


  • Training on various aspects of wireless product development (for more details, see our training services).