Industries Served

Wireless-Nets has extensive experience planning, designing, implementing and analyzing / troubleshooting mobile systems and wireless networks in many industries. The following are samples of Wireless-Nets' experience in various industries:


  • Designed wireless LANs for hotels, apartments, and condos for shared access to the Internet and voice telephony. 
  • Integrated embedded Bluetooth wireless interfaces into specialized client devices for value-added guest services.
  • Analyzed the propagation and performance of ZigBee-based paging systems in retirement villages.


  • Designed wireless LANs for tracking parts and maintaining automobile repair status for car dealerships. 
  • Integrated embedded 802.11 interfaces into bar code scanners used for inventory control in automotive parts warehouses. 


  • Designed enterprise-wide wireless LANs for supporting workforce mobility and point-to-point wireless networks for interconnecting buildings. 
  • Performed security assessments of corporate wireless LANs and provided recommendations on how to improve security.
  • Integrated embedded 802.11 interfaces into mobile computing devices and wireless IP phones for use in corporations. 


  • Analyzed and designed wireless LANs for elementary schools for sharing PCs among classrooms.
  • Assisted universities with the deployment of campus-wide Wi-Fi systems that support student and faculty access to campus servers, voice telephony, and the Internet. 
  • Integrated embedded 802.11 interfaces into calculators for enabling students in elementary school classrooms to participate in group exercises.


  • Designed mobile visitor information systems for theme parks. 
  • Designed and deployed wireless LANs in conference facilities to support mobile access to the Internet. 
  • Assisted news agencies with the design of a city-wide wireless network system for providing high speed data communications between news vehicles and the main office. 
  • Designed a wireless network-based video distribution system for health clubs. 
  • Integrated wireless LAN technology into cable television set-top boxes. 


  • Defined wireless network requirements and assessed wireless technologies for farming applications spread across hundreds of square miles. 


  • Assisted investors with the technical assessment of companies and feasibility analysis of products and concepts as the basis for investment decisions.  
  • Designed high speed wireless networks for interconnecting financial building campuses.
  • Assisted stock exchanges with the design and implementation of wireless networks and user handheld devices to support trading functions.


  • Designed WiMAX infrastructure for supporting wireless communications throughout developing African countries.
  • Designed wireless infrastructures that support public safety applications. 
  • Researched and recommended wireless technologies for DoD and State government wireless initiatives.
  • Assisted cities with the analysis, design and testing of city-wide Wi-Fi networks. 
  • Assisted regulatory agencies with the development of wireless standards.


  • Analyzed, designed and tested Wi-Fi wireless networks for hospitals that need to support mobile voice telephony and access to application servers. 
  • Developed operational support plans for hospitals implementing wireless LANs.
  • Assisted with the analysis and design of wireless robot systems for hospitals. 
  • Provided expert troubleshooting services of hospital wireless LANs.
  • Integrated embedded wireless network interfaces into patient monitoring devices for providing mobility for ambulatory patients. 


  • Analyzed the propagation of 900 Hz and 2.4 GHz radio waves throughout concrete plants.
  • Developed site planning guidelines for technicians installing wireless networks at concrete plants.


  • Developed white papers for various product manufacturers to support their marketing efforts.
  • Developed industry reports and provided corresponding presentations to product developers to aid in making decisions on product features and requirements. 


  • Provided expert witness services and legal depositions to legal firms and companies involved in law suits dealing with wireless network standards, technologies, and methods.
  • Performed pre-litigation analysis of patents, which included prior art research.


  • Developed and deployed various wireless LANs for manufacturing facilities to support paper mail sorting, voice communications, and status reporting.
  • Designed and deployed wireless networks in concrete plants for supporting wireless control systems. 


  • Deployed wireless networks inside mines to support voice and data communications.
  • Developed wireless solutions for supporting data communications between trucks in open pit mines.  

Oil Production

  • Designed and implemented point-to-point wireless communications between oil rigs located in the Persian Gulf.
  • Defined wireless network standards for petroleum companies. 

Product Manufacturers

  • Assisted a variety of product manufacturers with the integration of embedded wireless network interfaces into their products.
  • Performed field testing of wireless devices and provided recommendations on how to improve the devices based on results. 

Real Estate

  • Assisted construction firms with the development of wireless network standards and configuration guidelines. 


  • Designed a wireless network system for supporting wireless signage updates in department stores. 
  • Integrated embedded wireless network interfaces into handheld bar code scanners for pricing parking, inventory control, and voice applications. 

System Integration

  • Assisted system integrators with the implementation of wireless networks for a variety of enterprises.  
  • Trained system integrators on performing RF site surveys.


  • Assisted wireless ISPs with the design and testing of city-wide Wi-Fi networks. 
  • Designed and tested distributed antenna systems for cellular telecommunications companies.
  • Designed public wireless LAN client interfaces and access control systems. 


  • Designed and tested Wi-Fi networks for public and private access to application servers and the Internet for airports.  
  • Assisted trucking firms with the design of nationwide wireless networks that supports logistics functions.
  • Tested and recommended how to improve wireless signal coverage at truck stops. 


  • Assisted electric power utilities with the design and implementation of wireless LANs for inventory and asset management functions.  


  • Designed and implemented wireless LANs for warehouses to support inventory management and voice telephony applications. 
  • Integrated embedded wireless interfaces into bar code handheld devices. 
  • Provided expert troubleshooting services of warehouse wireless LANs.