Client Testimonials

The following is a sample of what our clients say about services provided by our Principal Consultant, Jim Geier:

Vlad Kravtsov. Senior Product Manager, Psion-Teklogix: “Jim is an expert in the area of wireless technologies. His skills can be benefited by any company which decides to use his service.” 

Ken Fuchs, Director of Systems Engineering, Draeger Medical Systems: "I have worked with Jim on a number of projects that required his in-depth knowledge of 802.11 based wireless technology. Jim is an expert in this field and has always been able to help us tackle some difficult problems. He is very easy to work with and delivers as promised.” 

Scott Vachon, Director of IT, Littleton Regional Healthcare: “I contracted Jim to provide a wireless analysis for a large healthcare organization based upon his outstanding reputation in the IT community. In case you are unaware, Jim has published books on wireless technology. I found Jim to be highly personable, focused, ethical, and trustworthy. He made several trips onsite and personally conducted the assessment which included an extensive analysis and recommendations list. I was so pleased with his initial work, that I requested him to continue on through the RFP process and wireless vendor selection. As a direct result of Jim’s work, our wireless rollout was cost-effective, efficient, and timely. In summary, I believe that Jim more than returns the value of his fees – he sincerely takes a vested interest in the success of his customers. If you are looking to have a successful wireless infrastructure project, hire Jim and you can’t go wrong!”

Greg Goldman, CEO at Wireless Philadelphia: "Jim did extremely effective analytical work for Wireless Philadelphia when our project was first initiated. His analysis helped us in the critical work of negotiating the complex design control documents for one of the largest urban wireless networks in the US."

Simon Saunders, Chief Technology Officer, Cellular Design Services: “I hired Jim to work with me on a major strategic wireless consulting project, where Jim provided a complete strategy for Wi-Fi which led to major infrastructure developments and is still in use today. Jim's knowledge of the history, technology and application of Wi-Fi is second to none, and he brings his knowledge to bear on client businesses with a clarity and simplicity which belies the underlying complexity. And he's a thoroughly nice chap too!” 

Bruce Alexander, Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems: "Jim Geier continues to help educate the industry on wireless. He has the expertise and background necessary to understand today’s Wireless LAN solutions, and the contacts across the industry to stay abreast of the advancements that are being made on an ongoing basis. His books, newsletters and other communication tools continue to exceed the material the is usually available elsewhere to stay current of what it happening in the WLAN world." 

Patrick Wilcox, Product Manager, Illuminet: “When we were working on ideas for wireless network service opportunities, there was no better resource in the industry than Jim. He has a breadth and depth of knowledge, meshed with real world solutions that is incredible. I am confident that he is one of the top resources in the field, and can help to creatively solve your problems too!!”

Ed Finn, Cognio: “Jim and his organization have been a tremendous resource on several occasions while I was at Helium Networks and thereafter. Jim work helped grow the business at Helium as an advisor, consultant and training partner and he was always praised by our customers. At Cognio we also collaborated on opportunities. He is one of the original wireless guru's who helped pioneer the industry and one of the nicest guys you'll'll love working with him!” 

Mark Koziol, Ligos: “We hired Jim to evaluate and critique a new wireless product concept that we were contemplating. Jim provided expert technical commentary as well as business and market insights; exactly what we needed. Jim was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to engage him again.” 

Alex Hills, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University: "After working with Jim, I can say that his technical skills are tops and his integrity is the highest. I highly recommend him.” 

Chia-Chee Kuan, CTO, AirMagnet: “Jim is a very well rounded WiFi technologist with profound technical knowledge, well connected to the industry, and a very reliable individual to do business with.” 

Neal Weinberg, Features Editor, Network World: “Jim has written several features stories for Network World, and has demonstrated excellent research and writing abilities. He also knows wireless cold.”