Jim Geier - Independent Consultant

Jim GeierJim Geier is an independent consultant and author with 30 years experience planning, designing, analyzing and implementing communications systems, wireless networks, and mobile devices. Jim is the author of over a dozen books on mobile and wireless topics, such as including Designing and Deploying 802.11ac Wireless Networks (Cisco Press), Implementing 802.1X Security Solutions (Wiley), Wireless Networking Handbook (New Riders) and Network Re-engineering (McGraw-Hill). He has been an active participant within IEEE standards organizations, such as the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, and the Wi-Fi Alliance. He has served as Chairman of the IEEE Computer Society, Dayton Section, and various conferences. He has served as a testifying expert for patent litigation cases focusing on technologies dealing with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile devices, cellular systems, wireless network protocols, network security mechanisms, location systems, and application data management protocols. Jimís education includes bachelorís and masterís degrees in electrical engineering, with emphasis in mobile devices / systems and wireless communications.

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      Email: jimgeier@wireless-nets.com

      Phone: +1 937-829-0008 

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