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Apple joins others by supporting 802.11ac (06-18-2013)

Apple joins others, such as ASUS, by offering wireless adapters in laptops based on the draft 802.11ac standard (see press release), which provides much higher performance compared to 802.11n due to better modulation and wider bandwidth channels. Other client device vendors are likely to follow soon by upgrading their wireless adapters to 802.11ac as well. In addition, Cisco and Aruba recently released access points that implement draft 802.11ac. As a result, you'd better start getting prepared for 802.11ac. With an 802.11n network in place, you can probably get by for some time without replacing it while demands for 802.11ac performance grows. Consider moving to an 802.11ac infrastructure now, though, if you're in the process of replacing an aging 802.11g network.

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