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We offer a wide array of independent consulting services and resources you need to plan, design, and implement robust mobile applications and wireless networks that satisfy needs for communicating voice, video and data.

About Us

  • Our principal consultant, Jim Geier, founded Wireless-Nets in 2000 and has assisted over 100 companies with developing and implementing mobile solutions. More...

Consulting Services

  • Services for developing and implementing mobile wireless products, systems and networks for product manufacturers and IT organizations. More...

Industries Served

  • Experience serving a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, airports, manufacturing and municipalities. More...

Technical Resources

  • Tutorials and tips that help answer questions you might have when designing wireless solutions. More...

We offer services for planning, designing, analyzing and implementing mobile devices and wireless solutions.


Small ImageIdentification of the optimum locations for installing wireless access points or mesh nodes, analysis of existing RF interference, and assessment of equipment mounting assets and existing wired distribution systems.


Small ImageWireless-Nets' Principal Consultant, Jim Geier has 25 years experience as an engineer in the communications industry. Jim has been a testifying expert for cases involving many different technologies, such as security protocols, application data management, transmit power control, and location algorithms.

802.11n BookAccess our online archive of tutorials, tips, and recommended books regarding designing and implementing mobile / wireless solutions. For example, learn how to sniff and analyze wireless packets with Wireshark or analyze mobile device roaming.